Concrete Moulds & Tables

Concrete Moulds & Tables

When you are looking for a new mould or precast table look no further than Xpress Reinforcing.  Our welders and boilermakers have experience in creating a range of concrete moulds and tables.

From the easier precast tables with precise smooth welding and heavy duty support frames right through to intricate decorative panel mould’s we have the capacity to fabricate them all.

When these items are used day in and day out the quality and usability are paramount.  Many clients have come back to us for their second and thirds table or set of moulds.

Moulds for Concrete 

Concrete Moulds Melbourne

With access to laser cutting and brake press services we can fabricate the mould to your exacting specifications. If you have concrete processing equipment on site we can also manufacture wear plate liners and chutes as replacements when your machine starts to wear them out.

If addition, if you’re looking for concrete reinforcing steel to support the product of your concrete moulds – Xpress Reinforcing is your one stop shop. Contact us to learn more about the types of steel reinforcement in concrete.