Mesh & Accessories

Mesh & Accessories

Steel and concrete reinforcing mesh is an important aspect of projects that require any form of reinforcement.

No matter how good your stock bar, fabricated rebar items or your cast in plates you still need the items to tie it all together. From trench mesh through to square mesh, bar chairs, tie wire, fast wheels and poly film we can assist you get everything in the one delivery.

Whether you’re after expanded metal, stainless steel or concrete reinforcing mesh, Xpress Reinforcing can offer it all.

At Xpress Reinforcing, our Melbourne factory can meet all of your reinforcing needs. We understand that some sites have restricted access and we often use a rigid truck (with or without crane) to deliver to tight sites.

We work with you all of the way to plan your deliveries to be on site as needed and provide you with a no nonsense delivery for your project.

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Accessories

Reinforcing Steel Mesh Accessories
Steel Reinforcing Mesh Accessories