Cast In Plates

Cast In Plates

Based in Dandenong, we offer Cast In Plates services all across Melbourne. From the standard CP1F used in concrete precast panels right through to custom designs we can produce all your Cast In Plates on site.

Once again our engineering pedigree comes to the fore with our team of welders and boilermakers being able to weld and create the plates quickly and accurately. Our estimating team can price and interpret your design and advise the best way to manufacture for your project.

We have created CP1F’s for the precast panels, large multi-pronged with pressed studs right through to rub or wear plates, bare metal or galvanized – our in house fabrication facilities let us make these as cost effective as possible.

Cast in Plates Melbourne


Cast In Plates Services


At Xpress Reinforcing we understand that simplicity and the item doing what it should when it should are the key to a smooth project. Grout tubes slotting into a prefabricated mesh panel easily is what you need when casting precast wall panels.

So when we fabricate Cast In Plates we know that they must sit where they should first time without assistance. So the accuracy of the item along with the price become critical to our project partnership with you.