Processed Bar

Processed Bar

Xpress Reinforcing has a modern large scale factory in Melbourne set up with a range of rebar processing machines and tools. Building and concrete designs are becoming more challenging, and we’re the processed bar suppliers that can provide the perfect rebar processing solutions for you.

Whether it be large N36 cogged bars for use as starter bars on a building site or right down to N12 rectangle ligatures for precast column reinforcing mat fabrication we can do it for you. We understand and comply with the Australian Standard in regards to rebar bending. So you can rest assured that you dealing with a company dedicated to delivering what you need.

Rebar Processing Solutions Dandenong

Processed Bar Supplier Melbourne

At Xpress Reinforcing we pride ourselves on being your project partner. We have many clients that send in the project’s construction drawings to us to enable a schedule to be created. From that we supply all of your steel rebars – cut, bent, bundled and labelled with tags that marry up for easy placing and tying.

We do all the corner bars, ligs, lap bars, stirrups, cog bars plus starter bars ready for you to use or install as required. Once again that Handy Hint – remember to order all of your accessories to make the job flow smoothly and with minimal disruption to your schedule of works.